{All About Me}

singapore, 24-may-2012

{About} oh! Hello friends .....

Welcome to my blog, my name is Refine Lubis. My Social Media nickname is refinehere. I have been in Social Media for quite sometimes. I am almost everywhere. You can call me a social media junkies :p.

In social Media you can basically find me here. Thank's to Instagram, now i do love taking pictures almost everytime in everyday of my life. 

When come to photography i have a very specific "likes", i always like something pretty, sweet, cute, full of color and pattern, romantic and a lot a lot of flowers! You can click here to see photographs inspirations that i found around the net, they are from my pinterest , my Flickr account and my weheartit account.

I am the lover of colors and patterns, to see some of my creation you can click here for my COLOURLovers account and click here for some color inspiration i gather from my pinterest account and here for some pattern inspiration on pinterest.

To see some of my photography works you can click here, and to see some of my Instagram works, you can click here.

I do make some home video as well and upload it to my Youtube account. Mostly my video will be the things around my life and a lot and a lot about my daughter Miza. You can see my video collections account here. And i do blog about my parenting experience on this blog. I update this blog as when I have time to do it.

our daughter, Miza, 7 years old
I live in Singapore for 12 years now, married to a very responsible Singaporean man. We are blessed for our 10 years of marriage and very proud to take up the challenge to groom our one and only daughter.

Miza and Daddy, New Zealand, December 2011
Me and my husband had came a long way before our marriage, you can read here the story about us. Both of us have a different hobby in life, but we share a lot common interest that is why our discussion is never get bored.
Us, from our last year trip in New Zealand

I do love travelling, I lived overseas for sometimes too. I used to live in NYC and Tokyo for quite sometimes. Those experience had helped me tremendously to be independent since I am always away from my family since I was 21 years old.

Oh well! I hope you enjoy reading them. see you around then ... and thank you for checking it out. cheers.