{Blogging for me}

Hi ..... on this post i would like to share with you my blogging experience. I will divide this post in 6 categories.

  • why do i love blogging
  • how do i set up my blog
  • what are the tools i use to set up my blog
  • what camera do i use to take picture for my blog
  • tip's from my blogging experience
  • HELP-FULL blog link list to help you start up

So let's start .....

Why do I love blogging ....

I started to blog for sometimes now, precisely in the year 2010. I started it with blogging about my parenting experience raising my daughter. At that time I was a student of Montesorri International Program that allows me to teach as Montesorri trained teacher. I shared tips on how to do activities with our child at home in montessori way.

I was using wordpress that time, you can click here to visit the old blog which I still keep. Then as time goes by, my daughter had finally entered the formal education which I do not run most of the program my self anymore. She has to oblige with the standard curriculum run in our country. And it is clearly stated that my path now is to support her in line with the government curriculum. Her education is my main priority. That is why i stop working as an accountant.

I do love blogging because it allows me to be creative during my mundane days as a stay home mum. I have few hours free in the morning when my daughter is at school. I use that time wisely to actually enhance my knowledge in social media venture. I can proclaim myself as a social media wanabe.

I take Social Media as my hobby, and i love it so much. I usually stop when the things get too busy and distract my focus on my daily routine. I will slow down and relax when that things happened. Popularity in Social Media is never my aim. Creativity is my MAIN goal in Social Media.

I love to be creative in Social Media. I use it as my tool to learn, to get inspiration from and keep my mind busy and alert with what is happening around our life.

And Blogging is my main contributor that force me to stay creative all the time. From blogging i learn basic and simple web design myself, running a regular post and organize a blog basically. I learn from other and get many inspiration from other.

I took a serious online lesson from Elsie Larson for blogging, click here if you want to find out more about it. That short course really give me a good understanding of what is blogging all about. Elsie is really good on showing us how to manage our daily routine and blogging in smart way. She has one of the most inspiring blog within the community. click here to check her blog.

Blogging also help me in my skill on english writing. i am far from being perfect when come to english writing. english is not my first language and i am still struggling to masterize it. at times i found my daughter has more vocabularies than myself. But with blogging it help boost my confident. I am here writing in english regularly despite countless of errors here and there. But i enjoy sharing my thought, my daily inspiration and my findings. It helps trained me to self organized too in many ways. So YES! i love blogging.

Meredith from one sheepish girl came up with the term blogging for confidence. and i like it so much, click here if you want to read more about it. It is exactly right, blogging keep us stay positive in all times, keep ourselves busy and in par with schedule.

on top of that, who knows, a stay home mum like me, can end up learn the HTML coding on the website. I do learn in hard ways to find some of the programming code on the website. It was a fun journey to be able to crack the code and apply it on my blog.

So Yes! i would recommend you to blog, especially if you have not much commitment in life and want to keep yourself busy in the positive way.

Join Us! Blogging away ....

How do I set up my blog ....

I have experience with wordpress and blogspot now. I was trying to work with typepad, but it is just too much thing to learn again, so i gave up :p. I did once have my own domain as well but then i gave it up as well, it is too much maintenance especially when the server is down. the job got harder as i am not a computer programmer. so i gave up the idea.

I do love blogspot cause it is very user friendly and fun to work with. All the things that you see on my blog is my own work from the scratch. I design it my self, off course using the standard template blogspot give us an option. But the whole clip art and art work, i do it my self.

I do not have photoshop cause it is too expensive to purchase it. I use GIMP a free online software that does the same magic as photoshop. Both of them run in the same basic principle so most of the files out there that works for photoshop i can still use it and manipulate it. click here if you want to try GIMP yourself. i will talk more about my blogging tools in the next section.

NOW - how do i set up my blog .... elsie's online tutorial is really a help, read up about it. I follow her tips and work it out for my own blogging. If you notice most blogger out there almost runs on the same format.  Chantilly from my girl thursday have some tips on how to do your blog. as well as beautiful mess by elsie it self.
most of us will focus on the following sets for our blog:
  • the header design for our blog - this is like the gate, the door, the opening before reader finally enter and start to read our blog. this is the first impression for readers to actually stay on and keep coming back to read. so this is very important. a nice design on the header is worth so much effort. there are a lot of blogger out there who help design it for you with some cost and there are some free ones available that you can use. like the one from shabby blog. So i said YES to work on it seriously!
  • About Me/ About You - this is to introduce the reader a bit about yourself. a nice self photo would be a good touch as well. This is a short statement that explain what is your blog all about. THen you can enhance it with the ABOUT me on the page. just like the one i have now.
  • Social Media connections - all the buttons or links that actually link up the reader with your other social media account. IT is very interesting to find out what are the blogger doing outside their blog. Usually you will find sources of the inspiration from there. YES! we connect more on social media for inspiration basically. 
  • Categories - it would be nice if you can group your blog into category. So reader can easily go to specific subject that they interested to know and read along. So plan the category in advance even before you start blogging. I usually do the categories based on the things i will blog about. 
  • Archieves - it is a tool given by the blog application for you to actually display the archieves on the front page of your blog.
  • your term and condition - i do respect copy right in the internet world. i believe in originality work, do the whole thing your self. IF i have to use other works, i will mention the source and try my best to link it back to the original work. I respect the content creator, because i know how hard it is to come up with idea and share it with others. So YES! take this seriously.
those will be the few points i will take into consideration before i start my blogging. i plan this out properly and visualize how my blog design will look like. I am lucky cause I know how to work with photo editing. If you don't you can start finding a blog designer and hire them OR start browsing for some freebies out there. I will share some of the good links below as well for you to start.

What are the tools i use to set up my blog ...

these are the next step after i finished with my plan. Basically the tools i need are the following :
  • the blog platform, you must decide which blogging platform you are going to use. there are so many outthere, wordpress, typepad and blogspot. Do take into consideration where you are going to lead your blog to. Some prefer wordpress because of the brand and some connectivity within the community, some choose typepad because they want to mix their blogging activities as well as their online shop. I choose blogspot as I had mentioned earlier. It is user friendly and Free :p
  • the photo editing tools, there are many out there some are paid some are FREE. photoshop is definitively the most outstanding one but it is also the most expensive. I use GIMP as i had given you the link about. But some can use Picasa or PhotoBucket as well.
  • the camera - if you are going to work with your own original content like what I am trying to do now. I try to create the content myself, then you need a camera. It does not have to be a DSLR in my opinion, I do not even own one myself. But a good compact camera and editing tools would be sufficient enough for you to start.
  • Social Media connectivity - try to connect with other blogger so you will be rich with inspiration and ideas to blog about. I love BlogLovin i use it a lot to actually search for other blogger that share the same interest as mine. Pinterest and Tumblr are other great tools to gather inspiration from. WHen blogging Inspiration and Ideas are very important.
FREEBIES are out there, but you must spend time to look for it, sometimes by looking at other blogger post who share their freebies info you can find so much things to use.

What camera do I use for my blogging

I am pretty simple when come to this. I do not have a DSLR camera and still not thinking of buying one for myself. I am very happy with my camera now. i own some phototaking tools. Lumix G2 with 2 basic lense that are needed for photo taking, Lumix G  Vario 14-42mm/ f 3.5-5.6 Lens, Panasonic Lumix 20 mm/ f 1.7 the next lens i would want to purchase is Panasonic 45-200 mm/ f 4.0 - 5.6.

the next one is my compact camera, where i carry almost everywhere, it sits pretty inside my bag. Canon PowerShot A2200 HD.

and the last one would be my iphone. I used to Instagram a lot, and took a lot of pictures shot from my iphone even during the holiday too.

tips from my blogging experience

just one simple words : BE YOURSELF blog about the things you LOVE and enjoy. Just relax and enjoy the experience. When you do something you love doing there is no pressure on it. Blog something that is close to your heart and keep the smile alive. i keep telling myself this, and the journey of blogging would be so worth of doing.

helpful blog link to help you start up

these are the list of blogs that share FREEBIES and tutorial for your blogging need, like photo template, clipart, blog header and background as well as cute fonts. 

Finally i end my post here, i hope it is very helpful for you and get you going for your blogging experience.

thank you for reading it and cheers!